FAQ about Kamoer Dosing Pump

2018-03-26 16:13:41 金锡录

Q: What is the flow per minute of the kamoer dosing pump? What is the accuracy?

A: The dosing pump is specially designed for aquariums and it is mainly used to titrate titrants such as calcium, magnesium and KH. The flow rate is about 55ml/min and the precision is ±5%.

Q: How does the kamoer dosing pump product quality be guaranteed?

A: The quality is our culture. guaranteed. We have passed IS09001 CE certification.Our commitment to micro-pump machine (excluding consumables) products after-sales warranty for one year, technical consulting services for life, we have the power of customer service online, there are professional technical engineering consultants offline.

Q: Is there an automatic anti-chemical interference function?

A: The kamoer titration pump has automatic chemical interference protection. In automatic mode, this is achieved by setting the delay time between the two pump heads. The default delay time is 4 minutes and the maximum delay time is 20 minutes.

Users can set the delay time according to their own conditions in the custom mode.

Note: The initial custom mode is not set, it needs the user's own control!

Q: Does the kamoer dosing pump support multiple master pumps to start simultaneously?

A: Yes, it is only necessary to support up to 3 host pumps simultaneously in a custom mode.

Q: How long is the life of the kamoer dosing pump?

A: Under normal use, it can work continuously for about 800 hours (it is not recommended to use titration pumps for continuous addition).

Q: What is the difference between the automatic mode and custom mode of the kamoer dosing pump?

A: The automatic mode is already set by the kamoer . You only need to input the number of times you want and the traffic. The delay has a default of 4 minutes and a maximum of 20 minutes.

Custom mode parameters are completely set according to your own wishes, such as the number of times, time, several titrations, etc., is up to you.

Q: Can the product clearly indicate the added liquid?

A: If you have a need, we can mark it for you. If you do not understand something during use, you can contact our customer service directly. We will serve you wholeheartedly.

Q: It is rather troublesome to open the expansion port. Can you use a tool?

A: Yes, you can explain with the customer when you purchase, we can help you open the expansion port directly.

Q: Is it possible to directly set the total drip volume and the system automatically allocates?

A: At present, the three and four heads of the kamoer dosing pump do not have this function. You need to calculate the total titration and then allocate the amount to each titration.

Formula: amount for each titration = total titration/titration times.

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